All ODSA’s become a part of Optymystix Privilege Club, which will showcase offers from various affiliate merchants all over India and members travelling or staying anywhere near to those Affiliates can enjoy the Special Exclusive benefits as laid down by those affiliate Partners from time to time. Special benefits can be in the form of either special discounts or deals or both from partner merchants within their preferred location, this is a special Offering from the Optymystix to Give value for money preposition to its Associates.

Affiliate Merchants are the ones, who are offering special and exclusive deals to Optymystix Associates they can be both regional as well as National merchants.

Preferred Partners are the ones who are Also Optymystix Direct Selling Associates apart from being Associate merchants and chose to cross promote Optymystix from their physical and or Digital Outlet, they will benefit from special promotions designed to run towards promotion of preferred Partners

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