A little over five decades ago, a journey was started seeking fulfillment of our dreams, what now we commonly call a startup. Today with our business spread across the nation, we can confidently say that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and hard work.

The aspiration to dream and the conviction to follow your dreams is what sets apart the extraordinary from the ordinary. Congratulations on choosing to be among the extraordinary. Now we are in it together. You have chosen the right place and the right means. The awesome combination of extensively researched products and a revolutionary business plan is a definite formula for success. We are with you at every step to help you fulfill your dreams and reach greater heights.

Starting with a retail outlet in 1963, and then moving on to backward integration and setting up own inhouse manufacturing in 1978, then expanding capacities by adding more factories in 1997 and 2006 and still expanding. Dedication and hard work through entrepreneurial spirit became evident shortly when we invented the World’s first Hot Casserole and that too in Complete Stainless Steel.

Over the past 5 decades, the team has achieved national & International recognition in healthy Cookware and Serving wares, company has a strong foothold in Indian Market, be it Traditional Distribution, Institutional sales, TV Commerce, E-Commerce, Corporate Gifting, OEM Supplies, Company is everywhere and now expanding its export business and will soon have global footprints.

Anujj is the key brain behind Direct Selling under the flagship of Optymystix Enterprises India Ltd. he has always felt a need of a company which has a world-class product which is of immediate requirement and need of women and at par with the international market and can be easily procured by one, Optymystix is a product based company dealing in only top of the line products with maximum benefits passed on to our Direct Selling Associates. His philosophy is World Class Products & Quality at Indian Pricing. Through this venture our main focus is the development of women by empowering them to be standalone entrepreneurs and educate them to make a difference in the society.