The Sun being the ultimate source of energy, Powers all three couples that surrounds it. These three couples represent the three generations of the Optymystix family. However, they symbolize much more. The people are resonating with energy& positivity, they depict the willingness to grow the business and pass it on for generations.

T represents Positivity & Spirituality. Whereas, The M Symbolised by two Pyramids have been incorporated as Pyramids have a specific degree of inclination, which results in a natural flow of energy in them, making them Immortal and Eternal.

Lastly, the X, has a bottom resembling a pyramid and extends upward to form an arrow representing Exponential Growth, for us together as a community with a Positive Approach.

Optymystix is derived from the word optimistic, which is synonymous with hopeful, bright, cheerful, confident & enthusiastic. The letters of our company name were carefully chosen to represent our Core Values, which are depicted in the lotus.

O – Original
P – Passionate
T – Talented
Y – Young
M – Magnificent
Y – Yielding
S – Strong
T – Trustworthy
I – Innovative
X – Xceptional