For more than 55 Years, Optymystix Team has been dealing with various kinds of Kitchenware, after decades of experience Optymystix team is now offering the best of the kitchenware available globally, creating cookware by blending research and design energies and focusing on products that are both visually compelling and functionally superior.

Optymystix Enterprises India Limited in this new venture provides YOU an opportunity to unlock the mystery of Success, Wealth & Better living.

Optymystix Enterprises India Ltd. is the brainchild of massive hard work and dedication of more than five decades. We at Optymystix are committed to offer you an unrivaled range of kitchenware, Health Supplements, and Imitation Jewelry soon to be followed by Health & Wellness Products, Cosmetics, Toiletries, body care, Homecare and Furnishings, and many more products of daily utility, which will be of the highest quality and safety standards.

Optymystix Enterprises India Ltd. is powered by its multiple Manufacturing facilities located in Delhi NCR and Uttarakhand. These state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary manufacturing facilities focus all efforts towards creating the best quality, utility and safe products. Adhering to the strictest quality and safety standards, Optymystix Enterprises India Ltd. ensures that only the highest quality of products is being produced. Apart from our brand, we do Third Party manufacturing for many national and international brands.

Today Optymystix Team Boasts of

  1. The invention of the Complete Stainless Steel Hot Casseroles, with the world’s first No Hole Technology, First Company of the world to use PUF Insulation in Stainless Steel Hot Casseroles.
  2. Optymystix team Invented Nutri Rich Pan to ensure the food remains Nutrient Rich and does not lose its taste and Aroma upon reheating. Good For serving Food both Hot And Cold.
  3. Under Technical Collaboration with weilburger coatings gmbh Germany, We are the First Company of India to use top of the line Greblon C3+ Coatings and created 8 Layer Professional Non-stick Cooking Granite Series, the top most food-grade PFOA Free coatings available on the globe as on date, in extra thick Virgin Grade Aluminium.
  4. Invented a Pressure Cooker, being sold with external granite finish Non-Stick Food Grade coating with matching Soft Touch Body-colored handles with inside in Hard Anodised, accompanied with a Stainless-Steel lid and Induction Base for multi-medium cooking.
  5. Hard Anodised Professional series cookware with Extra thickness and matching blue colored soft-touch handles are another first from Optymystix. Hard Anodised being a surface treatment has an exceptionally long operating life.